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How to Choose the Right Football Shoes "Cleats"?

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Choosing the right football cleats can be confusing. There’s so many different types of shoes available and they’re all designed specifically for certain types of players and conditions. While a particular football cleat may be perfect in certain circumstances, it can be useless or even dangerous to wear in the wrong ones. If you want to get the right cleats to help you perform at your peak, you’ll have to know exactly what to look for.

1. Choosing the Right Stud Pattern for the Pitch:

A) Firm Natural Grass - If you’ll be playing on a natural grass pitch where it doesn’t rain too regularly, you should use a pair of firm ground shoes. Firm ground shoes usually have ten or more long studs that are distributed evenly throughout the bottom rim of the shoe. They provide a sufficient amount of traction for normal playing conditions. The studs can either be conical or blade shaped. Conical studs are rounded at the bottom. They allow a player to have flexibility of motion. Blade shaped studs become thinner at the bottom of the shoe. They’re designed to dig into the pitch and give a player better traction. However, they don’t offer quite as much flexibility as conical studs because it’s harder to remove them from the ground. Firm grass ground shoes are the safest shoes to buy if you don’t know what type of field you’ll be playing on. They’re considered acceptable for many different playing conditions.

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